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This is our story

We launched LetmedoIT in 2005 to change the way break-fix IT services were accepted within organizations. And the moment we took full responsibility for the managed IT services we provided, we undoubtedly added sustainable value to the organizations we worked for; and especially to their employees. So, in the years that followed it became clear, that we were on the right track, putting end-users in the center of our attention. After all, it is about enabling organizations to maximize performance and efficiency, by providing IT solutions that are focussed on empowering their employees. This is how we deliver Return on IT. Read more about the story of me here.

From damaged
to managed

It is of course in your best interest that your IT infrastructure keeps running at all times. At LetmedoIT it is therefore our objective to ensure full accessibility and to keep it that way.

To enable this, we have a sharp focus on investing in the level of quality needed to prevent problems from the start. This means, you don’t have to rely on break-fix IT solutions after the damage is done any longer, because we turn things around. We prevent whatever problem may occur, and we manage your IT infrastructure to keep it running as it should.

So if your organization wishes to make the shift from damaged to managed, let us create an automation environment around your employees, the users, without flaws or defects. Or, in other words, deliver direct Return on IT. That, in fact, is our growth strategy, and it could be yours as well.
From network
to net worth
From contract
to control
From problem
to performance
From exclusive
to inclusive
From innovation
to implementation
From damaged
to managed