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This is our story

We launched LetmedoIT in 2005 to change the way break-fix IT services were accepted within organizations. And the moment we took full responsibility for the managed IT services we provided, we undoubtedly added sustainable value to the organizations we worked for; and especially to their employees. So, in the years that followed it became clear, that we were on the right track, putting end-users in the center of our attention. After all, it is about enabling organizations to maximize performance and efficiency, by providing IT solutions that are focussed on empowering their employees. This is how we deliver Return on IT. Read more about the story of me here.

From network
to net worth

Is it possible to invest in an IT Infrastructure that meets all your requirements, without actually investing in it? At LetmedoIT we believe it can be done.

Because we operate fully independent regardless of which hardware or software is required for your goals, we can easily adopt and manage your existing IT infrastructure. But if necessary, we can also design and implement a fully dedicated automation environment around your organization that surpasses your break-even point from day one, without even charging you for all investments we make or find necessary upfront.

To enable this, LetmedoIT offers you the opportunity to pay a fixed fee per month, services, hardware and software included. Therefore you only have to calculate what you need, and what you want or expect from your IT network and your IT partner as well. We’ll take it from there.
From network
to net worth
From contract
to control
From problem
to performance
From exclusive
to inclusive
From innovation
to implementation
From damaged
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