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Services for sustainable IT infrastructures

At LetmedoIT, we provide organizations with a wide range of tailor-made solutions for their IT infrastructure. With our IT services we focus on enabling our clients to instantly and easily manage the performance of their employees in the way that fits their specific aims and goals best. Therefore, every IT solution we develop and implement is centered around employees, for they are the actual end-users. By enhancing their efficiency and empowering their productivity, our IT services serve the organizations continuity and sustainability directly. Read more about our IT services here.

IT Outsourcing

(Well-suited for organizations from 50 employees and up)
The term Outsourcing refers to contracting out special business functions of an organization to a specialized external company. We at LetmedoIT, approach it as outsourcing your whole IT department to us. We will take full responsibility for managing your IT Infrastructure as well as for supporting your employees. We will do, proactively and reactively, whatever is needed to reach optimal performance, minimize downtime and maximize end-user satisfaction.

The moment LetmedoIT is installed as your IT department, we can also provide you with specialist strategic IT management in de field of deciding what new technologies could be beneficial for your organization and could contribute to an even more dynamic, efficient and productive workforce. Or what technologies could be put in place to assist you in reaching your new or changed business goals. In any case: we will provide guarantees and continuity your organization can count on.

The IT Outsourcing services that we offer at LetmedoIT are all about providing the service, maintenance, skills and knowledge to manage your systems and provide you and your employees with all the best support. We are independent from the hardware and software solutions that might be used currently in your organization. If you wish however, we could provide you with the best hardware and software to run your business on. And because we know we will never be able to compete with your favorite webshop and we would never be successful in selling hardware and software, we will not make any profit out of it either. Our win is when you win: we want you to have the best possible environment for the lowest possible price, preferably without any investment. That is what we call: Return on IT.
IT Outsourcing
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